Benton Gun Club
An NRA Affiliated - Non Profit Organization
"A Safe Place to Shoot"
Welcome to the Benton Gun Club. Our range facilities consist of 112 acres of land with eight
outdoor shooting ranges. We offer over a dozen shooting disciplines, with competitive matches
in each discipline. Most match fees are $5. We are a private member owned, NRA affiliated club
with our matches open to the general public. Note that on match days, unless accompanied by a
club member, non-members may only use the particular range on which the match is being
Please check this page or call the Club Info line at 501-602-2228 before you make a trip all
the way to the range and find out it is closed. If you have any questions concerns or
comments please contact one of the Club Officers under the “Contact Us” tab.
Club Calendar:
Last Updated:
18/2020 @1210 CST
Due to some timing issues and some renewals not going out we have extended the time you
have to submit your 2020 renewals. You have till the March meeting on March 9th 2020 to get
your dues paid or your membership will be considered lapsed. The locks on both sides of the
gate have been changes out to the new 2020 locks so you 2019 key will no longer get you in till
you renew and get your new key.

If you have not received a renewal form contact the Club Secretary and President.

If you paid your dues and have not had your check clear or received your new key contact the
Club Secretary and President.

If you check has been cashed but you have not received a key contact the Club Secretary and

Their contact info can be found on the Club website under the 'Contact Us" tab.

It is always up to the member to keep the Club updated with any change of address information.
If your membership expires you will have to follow the whole process as if you were a new
member to include the $100.00 maintenance fee and the Range safety orientation.

Thank You