Benton Gun Club Inc. Ben

Ben Stoeger – Practical Shooting Fundamentals Class at Benton Gun Club
Nov 30th & December 1st 2018

Ben Stoeger is a multiple time USPSA National Champion and World IPSC
champion. He shoots and teaches classes all over the world. You can visit
his website at to learn more about him and the class. There
are also numerous reviews and videos of Ben’s classes on youtube,
facebook, etc.

Class Description from
“This is the flagship class. We work on fundamental USPSA skills and apply
them in a stage environment. We shoot a mix of drills and stages.

We also work on hitting small targets, moving around through stages, and
breaking down stages. Don’t let the “Fundamentals” in the title for this class
mislead you. This isn’t a class for new shooters. This is geared towards
people that already shoot USPSA, understand scoring and safety rules, and
want to improve.

Students should leave class with an idea about how to dry practice more
efficiently and how to improve the foundation skills for USPSA.”

Dates: November 30 (Friday) and December 1 (Saturday), 2018 Cost -
$375 per person. ($350 for class and $25 for supplies) Availability – The
class is limited to 12 people
Location – Benton Gun Club, Range 5 (action pistol range)
Shaun Roberson will be the contact/organizer for the class and will collect
payment for the class registration. $200 is due at time of registration to hold
your spot and the other $175 is due by September 30th. Or you can pay all
$375 at once (easier for me, but optional). My contact info is:
Email –
Cell – 870-761-2616
There are 6 slots left for this class as of 6/12/2018.