Range News
A Safety Reminder

Just a reminder that Range Safety is every member’s responsibility! Keep this in mind every
time you are at the range. Just a few things to think about: When you are on any range and
there are other members setting or removing targets downrange DO NOT HANDLE ANY
FIREARMS NO MATER WHAT! This would seem like common sense but for some reason
there are members that seem to think that it is okay to handle their rifles while other members
or down range just because they have their bolt open or out of the gun. Keep in mind that if
you were the person downrange you would have no idea that the firearm the person under
the shed is handling has the bolt removed. It is just good SAFETY and manners to not touch
or handle your firearms in any way while others are downrange.

Also it is incumbent upon all members to get the name of persons who may violate these
safety rules and report them to the Club Officers as soon as possible.

So please help to keep our range a fun and safe place to shoot!
Pat Holsted
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