Range Facilities
Click on the underlined headings to download a diagram of that range in PDF format.  Click on any
image for a larger view.
Range Overview
Range 1 "Long Distance"  Target boards at 200 & 300 yards. Rails and berms at 200, 300,
390 and 500 meters.
Range 2 "Small-bore Rifle"  Double rails for NRA small-bore rifle  silhouette animals.  Rails
are set at the NRA distances for small-bore silhouette competition.
Range 3 "Long Plinking" This range will never be closed for a competitive event.  Target boards
at 10, 25, 50, 100 and 175 yards.
Range 4a "Short Plinking"  This is our newest range, constructed in late 2009.  There are  target
boards at 10, 25, and 50 yards.
Range 4b "General Rifle"  This range has a target board at 100 yards and movable targets boards
can be placed from 10 yards to 175 yards.
Range 5 "Action Pistol"  This range is subdivided into 6 sub ranges.  It is for action pistol, IDPA
and Speed Steel.
Range 6 "Falling Plate"  4 double falling plate rails with 4 shooting lanes.  Concrete pads
at 15, 17 1/2, 20, 25 and 30 yards.
Range 7 "Shotgun"  This range has 7 shooting positions on a concrete “U” sidewalk.  Shot
size must be #4 or smaller.  Buckshot and slugs are not permitted.  Rifles and pistols are not
permitted on this range, only shotguns.