Shooting Matches

Speed Steel is a Shooting Competition that was created by our former Presidents Paul Stiedle
and Patrick Holsted.  Paul told me that they would end up with weekends and no match to shoot.  
They came up with the Speed Steel idea as a way to shoot and practice more.

Speed Steel is an Action Pistol match that is a great test of speed and accuracy with a centerfire
handgun.  It is a competition that emphasizes the basics of hand gun shooting.  There is no
movement from box to box, but a strongside draw and shoot.  We begin from the surrender
position and engage various arrays of steel plate targets.  Speed Steel emphasizes the need to
obtain and maintain a good sight picture during the trigger break.  Speed steel teaches you to
really know your gun and equipment.

We normally shoot five stages of fire with one to thirteen or so steel targets from positioned from
10 to 25 yards.  There is always one stage with targets that reach out to 35 to 45 yards.  There is
lots of shooting with no targets to paste and very few to reset.  Speed Steel is a fast moving
match with loads of fun.  Unlike the Steel Challenge that has the same set ups all the time, Speed
Steel has many and varied set ups.  We are continually looking for new set ups to challenge our
shooting skills.

Another aspect of Speed Steel is that we shoot ‘under the watchful eye’ of a timer.  When you
have your friends and competitors watching and the timer goes off, it is easy to forget which state
you are in.  All of the good plans and intents to watch the sights tend to go away.  The timer adds
a bit of pressure to the shooting experience.  God forbid that we ever had to use our pistols in a
self-protection manner, but if we did we would feel a large amount of pressure.  By introducing
the timer, we mimic a very small amount of that pressure.  The timer adds a pressure to perform
that adds to the shooting fun.  But it also introduces a bit of training that helps us shoot well
under pressure.

Speed steel is primarily intended for Centerfire Pistols.  You will need a strongside holster for
your gun, mag pouches for at least two magazines and a minimum of four or five magazines.  
Typical matches run around 100 to 130 rounds.  If you miss, more rounds may be required…  
We emphasize safety and fun.  Speed Steel is run as a Cold Range with no bullets in the gun
until in the shooters box and directed by the Range Officer to “Load and make ready.”

If you are looking to develop and improve your shooting skills, you will benefit from the challenge
of Speed Steel.  It is a great way to improve your pistol handling skills.  Come join us for some fun

Drew Certain
Match Director since 2010
Speed Steel Shooter since 2004

Match Directors: Drew Certain 501-951-2827

Range 5
Third Saturday of each month. 8:00 start in Summer (May through September); and 9:00 start in
Winter (October through April).
Match fee: $5
NRA approved match: no

here to see some recent photos from this event.