Shooting Matches
Ruger Rimfire Multi-gun Match

These .22 rimfire matches are designed to promote the fun of shooting for all members of the
family in a safe, wholesome environment. All courses of fire are designed to be shot with one
ten-round magazine.  Targets are the same ones that we use for our
Speed Steel match.  

For the rifle and pistol, there are typically 4 stages, with 3 strings of ten shots per stage, or 120
rounds. So bring both a pistol and a rifle and at least 240 rounds of .22LR ammunition.

here to visit the Ruger Rimfire web site.  There you will find the official rulebook, sample
courses of fire, score sheets, etc.

3 divisions: Open, Limited, Cowboy Action

Match Directors: Lucas Howard ( 501-412-5853
Range 5
Second Saturday of each month.
Match fee: $5
NRA approved match: no