Shooting Matches

This is THE match to bring the juniors out to shoot with us.  For those under 16, they shoot using
animals hit and seeing them fall AND they usually beat their Dads or Moms. Remember, that after
each half scale match we fire up the BBQ grill up and cook for a light lunch.  Bring some soft
drinks and a chair and join us.  On the cold days we bring a Coleman stove and hot chocolate.  
We provide the hot dogs or hamburgers, but will accept donations to help defray the cost but it is
not required. Once again with silhouette shooting it is not a matter of looking at a hole on a paper
target and seeing how close you were to the center, it’s a matter of shooting the target off the
rail. .22 LR only.  Targets at 40, 60, 77 and 100 meters.  Two divisions: Any Sight and Iron Sight.

Two matches are held, one right after the other.  Round count is 40 rounds per match.

Match Directors: Leroy Squires 501-602-0086, George Toney 501-224-5194
Range 2
Second Saturday of each month.
Match fee: $5. Ladies and Juniors $2.
NRA approved match: no