Shooting Matches
Air rifle matches are not that different from any other silhouette match other than you are
shooting NRA regulation size silhouettes at 20 yards (chickens), 30 yards (pigs), 36 yards
(turkeys) and 45 yards (rams) with an air rifle. If your rifle is  "Any unaltered factory sporter air
rifle that is or was a catalogue item, readily available over the counter to the general public,
weighing no more than 11 pounds, with scope and mounts," you will shoot in the Sporter class,
otherwise you will shoot in the Open class.

Match Directors: Charles Sullivan 501-416-1288, Hugh Burnett 501-225-0259
Range 2
First Saturday of each month (selected months only, refer to calendar for dates).
Match fee: $5
NRA approved match: yes