Shooting Matches
Prone Centerfire and Rimfire

This match will allow any Centerfire rifle (except 50 cal BMG), any sights, any front and rear rest*,
that can be safely fired from the prone position or bench.   Course of fire will be 20 rounds for
record at 200 yards in 22 minutes with two sighters allowed, followed by the same course of fire
at 300 yards. Depending on the shooter's rifle, they will be placed in one of three classes,
Benchrest, F/TR, and F-Open. NRA
rules apply for these three classifications.

*No one piece rifle rest, such as a Caldwell Lead Sled, front and rear rest cannot be attached to
each other in any way.

Match Directors Harold Bradshaw 501-690-4975, Leroy Squires 501-602-0086
Range 1
First Saturday of each Month at 11:00 AM, we normally have a brief sight-in period before the
Match Fee $3 per individual club member, $5 per individual for non-members, or $5 per family.

here to see some recent photos from this event.