Shooting Matches
High Power Rifle Silhouette

High-power rifle matches are not that different from any other silhouette match other than you
are shooting NRA regulation size silhouettes of chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams at 200, 300,
385 and 500 meters with a high power centerfire rifle. With silhouette shooting it is not a matter of
looking at a hole on a paper target and seeing how close you were to the center, it’s just a matter
of shooting the silhouette off the rail.

Download the official
NRA Silhouette Rifle Rules

Match Directors: Hugh Burnett 501-225-0259, Alston Jennings 501-228-7806
Range 1
Third Sunday of each month.
Match fee: $5
NRA approved match: yes

here to see some recent photos from this event.