Shooting Matches
As-Issued Service Rifle Match

The term "As-issued military service rifle" is basically one that was issued to the rank-and-file
soldier and not modified in any way. Examples of these are: Springfield 1903A1 or A3, Mauser
98, SKS, Schmidt-Rubin K31, M1 Carbine, Egyptian Hakim, Trapdoor Springfield, M1 Garand,
M14 , and M16. The exact equipment parameters for this classification can be found in chapter 6
of the
CMP Rulebook.  The intent of the match is to allow shooters to compete on a level field
with their military surplus rifles. The one exception for our Club matches is that the rifle may be
an exact reproduction rather than a prior military issued rifle. An example of this is the Springfield
M1A or a Rock River Arms/Colt/etc AR-15 without a flash hider. The course of fire is 20 rounds
for record fired on an NRA SR target at 200 yards. Two classes will be fired: prone with military
sling and bench rest. So dust off your old military rifles and get a little trigger time in with us.

Match directors: Harold Bradshaw 501-690-4975, Leroy Squires 501-602-0086
Range 1
First Saturday of each month.
Match fee: $3 per individual, or $5 per family.  $5 per individual for non-members.
NRA approved match: no

here to see some recent photos from this event.