motion to raise the compensation for the secretary/treasurer position from $300 a month to $450 a month.

Bylaws Committee Meetings
A motion was made to hold a series of bylaws committee meetings in 2005, to go over the various ideas that are floating around. The time and place for these meetings will be announced at upcoming club meetings and in future issues of the newsletter.
Please remember that these meetings are open to
everyone. All club members are automatically members of the bylaws committee. Please make an effort to attend one of these meetings if there is something you'd like to have added to or changed in the club bylaws.

Work Day Reminder
Mark your calendar: the next regularly scheduled club work day will be held on October 30. Also, don't forget that you don't have to wait for an official work day to fix something at the range. If you see something that needs to be done and you have the means, go right ahead and do it. After all, we're all responsible for the range.

For Sale
Club member Kevin Dorman has a Remington Model 700 Classic in 6.5x55 Swede for sale. It was manufactured in 1994 and is in like-new condition, with only about 200 rounds fired. Nice wood, long action, with a 24-inch barrel, and it has never

Range and Match News
We still haven't received a report from the range export that looked at our property last month. Hopefully, we'll hear something soon.
Meanwhile, we reviewed bids on the dirt work for the new berms to be built between upper ranges 2 and 3. (See last month's newsletter.) The low bid of $3,100.00 came from Herman Reeves. The club members voted to approve this bid. The club members also voted to spend the leftover $1,700.00 (of the $5,000.00 that had already been approved) on dirt work for the new plinking range.
The members also approved a motion to spend $12,000.00 to build the rest of the plinking range. Club members will perform most of the labor. When done, this range will have twelve shooting positions with concrete pads, plus target berms at distances ranging from ten to 200 yards. Because of the size of this expenditure, this motion must be ratified by the club members at the next club meeting in October.
In match news, the club members approved a motion to add three additional smallbore silhouette matches to the schedule. The matches will be held in October, November, and December on the third Sunday of the month at 1:00 p.m.
Also, a motion was approved to move the September shotgun match to September 25, to avoid conflict with the state smallbore silhouette match.
Finally, a motion was approved to sponsor a match directors' dinner later this year, to set up the 2005 match schedule. James Squires will contact the match directors with the time and place.

Motions Made To Raise Dues
Three different motions were made to raise the club membership dues for 2005. These motions will be considered and voted on at the October club meeting. The motions were for $75.00, $50.00, and $60.00. Only one of these motions will actually be approved.
An additional motion was also approved to offer a three-year club membership at a discount of $10.00. This motion must be ratified at the October club meeting.

2005 Officer Nominations
The following people were nominated to serve as club officers in 2005. President: Paul Stiedle. Vice-President: Pat Holsted. Secretary/Treasurer: Rex Gismond. The vote for these nominees will be held at the October meeting.
Speaking of officers, the club members also approved a

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Club Meetings

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Ramada Inn in Benton (I-30 Exit 117).


President James Squires (847-2147)
Vice-President Pat Holsted (766-4942)
Secretary-Treasurer Rex Gismond (315-3071)
Range Maintenance Officer Bob Elrod (778-2165)
Range & Safety Orientation James Squires (847-2147)
Youth Program Coordinator Jim Emery (455-8081)

Range Subcommittee

Chairman Pat Holsted (766-4942)
Smallbore Rifle and Pistol Silhouette, Falling Plate Rifle
Frank Bray, Jr. (653-0630) or Jim Wood (847-9244)
High Power Rifle Bill Pool (778-8299)
Pistol Larry Egger (803-9002)
Rifle, up to 200 Yards Bill Pool (778-8299)
Shotgun James Squires (847-2147)
Plinking Range Open