mean that these ranges will be closed immediately. It just makes it possible to go ahead and close them and dismantle them as soon as the plinking range is ready, without waiting another month for another meeting.

2005 Officers Elected
The following people were elected to serve as club officers in 2005. President: Paul Stiedle. Vice-President: Pat Holsted. Secretary/Treasurer: Rex Gismond. Congratulations, gentlemen!

Work Day Reminder
Mark your calendar: the next regularly scheduled club work day will be held on October 30 from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Also, don't forget that you don't have to wait for an official work day to fix something at the range. If you see something that needs to be done and you have the means, go right ahead and do it. After all, we're all responsible for the range.

Falling Plate Targets Wanted
Two club members are each looking for a set of centerfire falling plate targets. The two members are Matt Bolding 909-1472) and Bill Mabrey (223-8400 or 821-3318 after 6 p.m.). If you can help these gentlemen out, please give them a call.

New Members
We welcomed four new members at the October meeting. They are Bruce Helvey, Christine Kaeding, John Marrall, and

Range and Match News
We've received the reports from the two experts we brought in to evaluate our ranges. Both experts concluded that it was unlikely that any rounds from our range could have reached the lady's house north of our property. (See previous issues of Windage for more information.)
Mr. Lawrence will be at the November club meeting to go over his report in more detail. Mr. Norris' report basically reiterated what he told us in person at the August meeting, namely that he recommends we move the direction of fire on upper ranges one and two about 15 degrees to the left.
In other range news, because of the wet weather in September none of the dirt work that was approved at last month's meeting has been done yet.
Also, a vote was held at the October meeting to ratify the motion passed at last month's meeting to spend $12,000 to develop the new plinking range. The motion was confirmed. Note that the cost is mainly for materials. We plan to do most of the labor ourselves. If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact one of the club officers.
In match news, the state smallbore silhouette match was a great success. We had close to 50 shooters, including world silhouette champion Cathy Winstead, who won both matches. Our thanks to everyone who came out and participated. We hope you had fun and that you'll come back again next year.

Dues Raised for 2005
We considered three separate motions at the October meeting to raise the club dues for 2005. The motions were considered in the order they were proposed at last month's meeting. The motion to raise the dues to $75.00 was defeated. The next motion, for $50.00, was approved. However, the next motion, for $60.00, was also approved, so that will be the rate that takes effect next year.
An additional motion was approved at last month's meeting to offer a three-year club membership at a discount of $10.00. We were planning to have a final vote on this motion at the October club meeting, but it was pointed out that offering a new type of membership rate would require a change to the bylaws. Therefore, this motion is tabled until the next bylaws meeting. Speaking of a bylaws meeting…

Bylaws Meeting In November
There will be a bylaws meeting immediately following the November 8 club meeting to consider a motion to close upper ranges three and four upon completion of the new plinking range. Please note that approving this motion does not

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Club Meetings

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Ramada Inn in Benton (I-30 Exit 117).


President James Squires (847-2147)
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Secretary-Treasurer Rex Gismond (315-3071)
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Range & Safety Orientation James Squires (847-2147)
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Range Subcommittee

Chairman Pat Holsted (766-4942)
Smallbore Rifle and Pistol Silhouette, Falling Plate Rifle
Frank Bray, Jr. (653-0630) or Jim Wood (847-9244)
High Power Rifle Bill Pool (778-8299)
Pistol Larry Egger (803-9002)
Rifle, up to 200 Yards Bill Pool (778-8299)
Shotgun James Squires (847-2147)
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