Section V, Range Rules:
DELETE - REDUNDANT: B. Range rules will be subject to revision at a specially called meeting when approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.

Section VI, Scheduled Events:
F. Only events sponsored by,
approved by or run by the Club may be held on Club property. The Club range is NOT for loan, rent, or lease to any other organizations.

Section VIII, Security:
B. Non-members (guests) must be accompanied by
, and in the presence of a member when using the range for informal shooting. Guests using the range on a regular basis for informal shooting should be encouraged to join and help support the Club.
C. Uninvited non-members who enter and wish to use the range will be informed of the private Club status. If they wish to join, they should be told how to submit an application at a Club meeting
or visit our web site at "".

Section XII, Amendments and Changes to Rules and Bylaws:
A. These rules and bylaws may be changed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a meeting called for the purpose of changing the Rules or Bylaws. Notices of the meeting will be sent to the membership
30 days prior to this event. Time, date and place will be determined

Bylaws Meeting Set
The bylaws committee has completed its work and has put together a list of proposed bylaws changes. These changes will be voted on at a bylaws meeting that will be held on June 13, 15 minutes after the regular club meeting ends. Please make an effort to attend this important meeting.
The proposed changes are listed below, with modifications listed in bold italic text.

Section II, Membership:
A. Membership in the Club shall be open to any person who is concerned with the same objectives, minimum age eighteen (18). Applicant must fill out and sign statement on application form
which states: "I certify that I am a citizen of the United States; that I am not a member of any organization which advocates force or violence to overthrow the government of the United States of America; that I have never been convicted of a felony or of a crime of violence and that if admitted to the Benton Gun Club, Inc I will abide by the "Governing Rules and Bylaws of the Benton Gun Club, Inc dated XX/XX/XXXX and I will fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship. I will be responsible for any guest that I bring to the Range for safety rules and regulations".
DELETE 3. Any person who has ever been a Club member must pay a full year's dues when rejoining.
CHANGE #4 TO #3 4. Dues are for a calendar year from January 1st through December 31st., and are payable on or before January 1st. each year. The range lock will be changed after the February meeting.
ADD A NEW #4 WHICH WILL READ: Any member of the Armed Forces called away for active duty will have their Benton Gun Club, Inc. membership fee waived and (if applicable) their NRA yearly membership fee will be paid by the Benton Gun Club, Inc.

Section 4, Officers and Board of Directors:
F. The club Secretary/Treasurer shall be authorized to issue checks for routine items i.e.: NRA dues, fees and match supplies, AR&PA fees, routine range supplies (target boards, paint, locks etc.) and match supplies (trophies, plaques, pins etc.).
Expenditures in excess of $1000.00 approved at a club meeting must be approved at the next regular meeting before the funds can be spent and the membership must be notified before the 2nd vote is taken. Funds for items or projects may not be subdivided at one meeting to evade this restriction. Any expenditure in excess of $25.00 shall be by check. A receipt shall be required for any Club expenditure.

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