Club member Larry Robinson has two custom pistols for sale. The first is a one-of-a-kind Colt auto 9mm (70 series) 1911 built by champion shooter J. Michael Plaxco. It has a new match 9mm Accu-comp barrel installed by Wilson's Gun Shop. It has been skeletonized to lower the weight. It also has a scope mount and a 12-minute dot pro-point scope. It comes with six 10-round magazines, and Larry says it is a great steel plate gun. Price is $1,000.
The second pistol is a custom 45-auto Para-Ordnance wide body frame with Colt slide. It features master grade Accu-Comp "DP" work and a W. C. scope mount, both done by Wilson's Gun Shop. It comes with seven 14-round magazines and a Safariland 008 holster and 40-inch belt with four Para-Ordnance magazine pouches. Price for all is $1,200.
If you're interested in either of these items, call Larry at 568-0145 or 413-7249.

Primer Arm Assembly Wanted
Club member Robert Phillips is looking for a primer arm assembly for a Lyman All-American turret loading tool. If you can help him out, please call him at 778-1227.

Bylaws Meeting Held
A bylaws meeting was held on August 9 preceding the regular club meeting. Two matters were discussed and voted on. A motion to change the direction of fire on all ranges to a generally northerly direction was defeated. A motion to limit the amount of money that can be spent at a single meeting

Ranges Reopened
All ranges have been reopened for normal use, with the exception of range 2 which will be open for scheduled matches only.
On August 9 officers of the club met with two experts at the range to look over our facilities and also to meet with the lady who was concerned that rounds from our range may have impacted on her property. There was insufficient evidence to indicate that the rounds came from our range, although there was ample evidence of hunting going on in the surrounding woods.
After listening to the advice of the two experts (Jim Norris of Memphis and Gary Lawrence of Little Rock) the members voted to reopen all ranges except for range 2. Range 2 remains closed pending further analysis by Mr. Norris and Mr. Lawrence. They will also go over information about all of the other ranges and then report their findings back to us. Preliminary suggestions from Mr. Norris include angling the direction of fire on range 1 and 2 fifteen degrees to the left, and erecting fences on top of the berms. We'll await his detailed report before taking any action.

Range and Match News
The members approved a motion to close all of the upper ranges on September 17-19 during the state smallbore silhouette match. The gate to the upper ranges will also be closed during the match. Lower range 2 will be opened and used for the match. Following the match, lower range 2 will be closed again, and the upper ranges will be reopened.
A motion was also approved to build new berms on the upper ranges. One will extend the existing berm between upper ranges 2 and 3, and the other will be a new berm on the other side of the road. These berms will provide additional protection to anyone entering the range through the upper gate.
Finally, a motion was passed to renew the clubs IDPA affiliation at a cost of $90 for three years.

For Sale
Club member Terry Sims is selling a Savage FP tactical in 7-08 in like-new condition for $350. If you're interested, please call Terry at 821-5711.
Terry also wants club members to know that there are openings available for two new members in a hunting club in southern Arkansas. He says they hunt deer, turkey, squirrel and varmints with over two hundred acres of woods per member. If interested, call Terry at the number above.

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