About Us - How to Join
About the Benton Gun Club

The Benton Gun Club, Inc. is a private, members only, member owned non-profit organization.  
Match fees are typically $5 or $10 and all matches are open to the public. We have 112 acres
of land approximately 5 miles east of Benton, with 8 shooting ranges. There are 13 shooting
disciplines with separate competitive matches.

Whether you are an average plinker or a hard core competitive shooter you will find that our
range suits all of your needs. All of our matches are open to the public so you do not need to
be a member to see and shoot on our range but we would love to have you join.

Hope to see you at the range. Until then please shoot safely and help our sport grow and ask a
friend to come along.

How To Join

In order to join the Benton Gun Club you must attend one of our monthly meetings and fill out
an application. Please note that no new members are accepted in November.  
We meet on
the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Hill Barn Event Center located at
100 Hill Rd, Bryant, Ar 72022.
 Annual membership fees are $75 ($60 if you are 65 or older).  
If you join from October 1 to December 31, the membership fee is reduced to $30 ($24 for
seniors). All members pay a one-time range maintenance fee of $100.  Our Membership is a
family membership that includes the member's spouse and children under the age of 18.  
Existing members must pay their annual dues by the February club meeting to avoid having to
pay the $100 range maintenance fee.  If you have question about joining the club please
contact one of the
club officers.

Applicants must be 18 years of age, citizens of good repute and share the same goals of the
club. Applicants must also be a member of the NRA through the calendar year and be able to
show their membership card or have a copy of their NRA magazine that has their NRA
membership information on the front page. If you are not current member of the NRA you may
join through the club and receive a $10 discount on a one year membership to the NRA. The
current one year cost with the discount is $35.00. Additional options for NRA membership are
as follows:
3 Year, $100.00
5 Year, $150.00
Junior 1 Year, $15.00
Associate(no magazine), $10.00
Like Membership $1500.00, Jr $750.00, Distinguished - age 65+ $750.00

Acceptance of new members is the last order of business of every meeting. Prospective new
members will be asked to stand up and tell the club a little about themselves and why they
would like to join the Benton Gun Club. After all prospective new members have introduced
themselves they will be asked to leave the room while the Club votes on their acceptance or
denial of membership. Once your application has been approved at a club meeting, paid your
club dues of $75 and the $100 range maintenance fee, you must attend a mandatory range
safety orientation where your membership will become active and you will receive your
membership card and key to the range.  As a new member you can shoot each one of our
matches for free the first time.  Just tell the match director that you are a new member and we
will waive your match fee.

To find out when the next range safety orientation will be held, please contact James Squires at
501-847-2147.  Range safety orientation is usually given at the range on the Saturday following
the monthly meeting.

Amount due at time of acceptance:
$75 + $100 = $175 (existing NRA member, age 64 or less)
$60 + $100 = $160 (existing NRA member, age 65 plus)
$75 + $100 + $35 = $210 (1 Year NRA, age 64 or less)
$60 + $100 + $35 = $195 (1 Year NRA, age 65 plus)
How To Join