In other range news, the motion made last month to complete the work on range 4 was ratified at the September meeting. The motion allows for up to $10,000.00 to pay for all of the work needed. (See last month's newsletter for more details.)
Also, the Speed Steel Challenge match originally planned for October has been cancelled. The regular speed steel match will be held instead.
Finally, a motion was made and passed to purchase an IDPA match scoring software package at a cost of $238.00.

Club Shirts Offered
Club member George Craig has found a source for t-shirts and polo shirts embroidered with the club logo. Please contact him at 351-4948 for details on availability and pricing.

Public Sight-In Days Scheduled
At the August meeting, the club approved a motion to hold public hunter sight-in days on October 1, 2005 and October 15, 2005, on range one. The sight-in period for each day will be from 8:00 a.m. to noon, and will be free and open to the public. We will be placing ads in the local newspaper to get the word out.

Please Observe All Range Rules
We'd like to remind club members not to move target stands closer to the sheds or pads. All target stands must be placed directly in front of a designated berm or backstop. Failure to comply with this rule, or any other range rule, may result in revocation of your membership.
Also, if you decide to burn trash in the barrels on the range, please check first to make sure a state, county or local burn ban is not in effect.

Visit Us on the Web
Don't forget that the Benton Gun Club has a website at

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www.bentongunclub.org. Our thanks to Jim Menth for maintaining the site and keeping it up to date.

New Address? Let Us Know!
If you change your address, telephone number or e-mail provider please send the changes to the club post office box or e-mail us at bgc139@yahoo.com. You can also submit updates by calling the club information line at (501) 315-3071 and leaving a message with your name and a description of what you want changed. This will allow the club secretary to update the club files so you won't miss something important.
Also, if you were expecting to get this newsletter by e-mail but instead received it in your regular mail, then either we don't have your e-mail address on file or the one we have for you is incorrect. If you would like to get the newsletter by e-mail, or if you want to switch back to regular mail, please send a message to us at bgc139@yahoo.com and we will change your newsletter delivery method.

New Members
We welcomed eight new members at the September meeting. They are Glen Alldredge, Steven Brooks, Richard Clark, Bryan Flynn, R. W. French, Gary Hollis, Doug McCarty, and Vincent Rose. Welcome to the club, folks!
If you are a new club member
and a new member of the NRA, please send a copy of your membership card or the label from your NRA magazine to the club post office box. This will enable the club secretary to update the files with your NRA number and correct expiration date.
Please note that all new members must attend the mandatory range and safety orientation before using the range. You are not a fully qualified member until you attend the orientation.
Also, don't forget that all new members are entitled to shoot in one club match per shooting discipline free of charge. Look over that match schedule, and come out and experience the fun of competition shooting.