thing that needs to be done and you have the means, go right ahead and do it. After all, we're all responsible for the range.

2005 Meetings Remain at Ramada
The club voted to continue holding our monthly club meetings at the Ramada Inn in Benton. Our thanks to the kind folks at the Ramada for letting us hold our meetings there.
Club members, please remember to park along the outer edges of the parking lot when you attend the meetings, and save the spaces next to the buildings for guests of the Ramada Inn.

NRA News
Here's some news from the NRA-ILA Action Alerts internet website.

In major victories for America's sporting heritage, voters overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment recognizing every citizen's fundamental right to hunt, fish and trap, and rejected ballot issues banning bear hunting methods.
"This is a sound victory for outdoorsmen," said NRA-ILA's Cox.  "Most Americans understand that hunters, anglers and trappers have long led the nation in establishing effective conservation and wildlife management practices."
Anti-hunting groups claim to protect animals, but their policies are ill-conceived, poorly researched and potentially disastrous to wildlife," added Cox.  "On Election Day, voters sent a clear message--that hunting practices should be man

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aged by wildlife management professionals, not anti-hunting groups."
The two anti-bear hunting referendums in Maine and Alaska repudiated the efforts of anti-hunting extremists. NRA-ILA actively opposed both measures, encouraging members, gun owners, and hunters in both states to defeat these measures that would have banned hunting for thousands of sportsmen and women. In Maine, Question 2 was defeated by a 53-47% margin. In Alaska, Ballot Measure 3 was soundly defeated across the state.
Proposition 1, Louisiana's Right to Hunt, Fish & Trap constitutional amendment, passed by an overwhelming 81-19%!  Seven states, the most recent being Wisconsin in April of 2003, have included language in their constitutions to preserve the freedom to hunt, fish, and trap.  Similar proposals are pending in eight additional states.
A special thanks goes out to Louisiana voters who helped pass Proposition 1.  Please also thank bill sponsor Senator Joe McPherson (D-Woodworth) and the Louisiana Wildlife Federation.
"This amendment protects Louisiana's strong hunting, fishing and trapping heritage," Cox stated. "Nearly twenty-five percent of Louisiana residents hunt or fish.  Hunters and sportsmen play a pivotal role in the state's economy and society, and have been leaders in promoting wildlife management and conservation."
In Montana, voters passed Constitutional Amendment 41 that adds a provision to the Montana Constitution to recognize and preserve the heritage of Montana residents to harvest wild fish and game. The Amendment was passed by a 79 to 21% margin. Thank you to all voters who enshrined Montana's most precious heritage.

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