are not a fully qualified member until you attend the orientation.
Also, don't forget that all new members are entitled to shoot in one club match per shooting discipline free of charge. Look over that match schedule, and come out and experience the fun of competition shooting.

News from the NRA
Here's some news from the NRA ILA news page, available on the Internet at This information is provided as a service of the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, Fairfax, VA. Reprinted with permission.

Law enforcement uses existing ballistic imaging technology in criminal investigations all across the nation. The science is very effective at examining evidence left at crime scenes and matching it with firearms collected from suspected criminals. The ballistic "fingerprinting" scheme that is now being proposed by the anti-gunners has nothing to do with that activity. What is being promoted now is a much broader program that will serve as firearm registration for guns owned by law-abiding citizens.
Gun-prohibitionists have latched onto ballistic "fingerprinting" and have used tragedies and horrific crimes (including last year's D.C.-area sniper shootings) to promote it, but they have failed to show that ballistic "fingerprinting" would be anything more than an expensive firearm registration scheme. Proponents of ballistic "fingerprinting" insist on rushing forward with a program without any knowledge as to its costs, effectiveness, or feasibility. This is clear evidence that they are more interested in the one sure effect of the program-a de facto gun registration system-than they are in actually helping law enforcement solve crimes. Gun prohibitionists have failed repeatedly to convince Congress to support their

calls for a national gun registry, and they see ballistic "fingerprinting" as the best way to surreptitiously pass a gun registration bill. Along with NRA, the Fraternal Order of Police has definite reservations about this concept.
Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Zell Miller (D-Ga.) have joined together to introduce S. 980, legislation that would: mandate a comprehensive study of ballistic imaging technology, determine the effectiveness of ballistic imaging database as an investigative tool for law enforcement, and establish the cost and effectiveness of state-based imaging systems. The bill specifically requires that the study examine a number of important questions regarding any ballistic imaging system.
For more information on this bill, call ILA Grassroots at (800) 392-8683.

Alerts have been circulating on the Internet regarding a provision in this year's Defense Authorization bill that would supposedly require "demilitarization" of "significant military equipment." For longtime Grassroots Alert readers, this is the infamous "demil" language previously defeated in 2000 and 2001, which would have granted the Secretary of Defense the authority to seize and "demilitarize" (read: destroy) "significant military equipment" formerly owned by the Department of Defense. "Significant military equipment" includes everything from guns and bayonets, to nuclear reactors and classified computer systems. Obviously, this proposal could have had a significant effect on gun collectors and many others if enacted. Fortunately, these reports are inaccurate. The "demil" provision was included in early versions of House and Senate bills to authorize spending by the Defense Department, but was once again removed by pro-Second Amendment lawmakers led by Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Cal.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. The provision was not included in the bills passed by the House (H.R. 1588) or Senate (H.R. 1588 amended with the text of S. 1050). Be assured that NRA-ILA will continue its efforts to lay this issue to rest once and for all.

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